New features in SiVMS Command

The actual SiVMS Command includes a set of new features in the GIS- and site plan clients. In addition operation has been revised and modified by new and bigger buttons. Among the approved P5-Server interface and the hereby attendant automatically site plan creation, new opportunities for direct display of video-sources were created by functions as lasso-selection and WatchIT! connections. Furthermore the Mobile Emergency Call offers a direct integration of mobile devices alarms into the GIS Client.

Lasso-selection in GIS- and site plan clients

SiNVR Command Funktion - Lasso-Auswahl in der GIS- und Lageplandarstellung - Screenshot

Lasso-selection offers a direct display of every video source, inside of a mouse-selected-sector. This function is available in GIS, as well as in the site plan client.

WatchIt! – automatically detection of viewing range

SiVNR Command Funktion - WatchIt! – Automatische Ermittlung des Sichtbereiches - Screenshot

WatchIt! calculates automatically all video sources which are suitable for displaying an element’s surroundings inside the GIS- and site plan client. It is based on the 3-dimensional camera configuration and connects all video sources within the view port and moves ptz devices via the absolute positioning.

Mobile Emergency Call

SiVNR Command Funktion - Mobiler Notruf - Screenshot

For mobile devices containing GPS and WEB-access SiVMS Command offers an emergency-call-function. This function affords an automatically localisation of alarms within the GIS-client and a connection of nearby located cameras via the Watchit! functionality. The emergency call is based on a free configurable HTML-page on control center server and is compatible for Android-, Blackberry-, iPhone- and Windows Mobile 8 mobile devices.


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