The developments from Schille Informationssysteme GmbH portfolio will be used for years versatile in the building management, security control, automation and video technology. Excellent references and innovative solutions underline the special position of our products. Schille Portfolio

Integrated solutions

25 years experience in working with integrated solutions are incorporated into the development and optimization of Schille systems for building management, security management and video management. The use of open standards such as ONVIF and OPC, the optimal interaction of the individual Schille products together, allow the implementation of free scalable solutions that meet the demanding and complex needs. The following list gives an overview of the focus of software development.

PVis building and security management »

The building and security management PVis is an integrated solution for the management of technical equipment of buildings and safety management systems. They can be used anywhere where there is data to monitor, control, and documented.

PVis P4 Gebäude- und Sicherheitsmanagement Screenshot

PVis P4 Gebäude- und Sicherheitsmanagement

The system allows a variety of solutions from single user systems to enterprise-wide Überwachunsnetzwerk. Based on a real-time kernel, the user interface provides an extremely brief image-building and response time, coupled with a clear, user-friendly program philosophy.

Schille video management system »

The Schille Video Management System (SiVMS) is a standardized, vendor independent video management system, the focus was on the requirements of the security staff in its development. Under a uniform user interface for both analog and digital video sources can be summarized.

Schille Videomanagementsystem Screenshot

Schille Videomanagementsystem

The Schille video management system SiVMS is available on the market in the form of OEM versions of our OEM partners:

CCS management server »

The Control Center Server CCS is the optional central server component of Schillebeeckx management systems. The application summarizes all tasks to be centralized within a server such as database access or the user management.

CCS Verwaltungsserver Screenshot

CCS Verwaltungsserver

In addition to general management services for all installations of the Control Center Server has special functions for the special requirements of video management, such as PTZ control or the picture muting.

OPC – Server »

OPC is a globally recognized standard for data exchange. The OPC server is used for general simplification of the connection between different trades and a control system. By the OPC server, the manufacturer depending on hardware and software is dissolved.

OPC – Server Screenshot

OPC – Server

OPC is a globally recognized standard for data exchange. The OPC server is used for general VeSeit 1998 and has the PVis software included via an OPC interface has become a leader in building management. Based on years of experience with open standards we offer in addition to the sales of our own OPC server to our know-how to other companies in the development of powerful OPC server.

Special developments »

The Schille Informationssysteme GmbH also supplies customized, interdisciplinary specialized solutions for public, industrial and service companies.

Sonderentwicklungen Screenshot


Of course, these special developments for a seamless collaboration with other Schille products are destined.